Education Development Plan

Education Development Plan (EDP)

What is an Education Development Plan (EDP)?

An Education Development Plan (EDP) documents an ongoing process in which a student identifies both career goals and a plan of action to achieve them.

The purpose of the EDP is for each student to develop, document, and periodically updated a unique plan of career and educational preparation, based on thoughtfully selected and attainable career goals and educational options that align with their aptitudes, interests and strengths.

Michigan law requires that every student must be provided with the opportunity to begin developing an EDP in the seventh grade and update it in the eighth grade as preparation for high school. By developing EDPs, middle school students become engaged in a process which they can continue to explore and examine their interests, skills, and abilities, and begin to make decisions about selecting a career pathway for the future.

How does an EDP benefit students?

Students who complete an EDP plan their course schedules in high school to prepare them for whatever postsecondary training they will need to prepare for career choices that interest them.

Students attending the Bay City Public Schools currently use Career Cruising as the web-based storage system for their EDP. Students are issued a log-in and password in middle school that they will use to access their EDP in Career Cruising until they graduate. Students (and parents) can access Career Cruising from home or school at