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SIRS Discoverer Deluxe (from school)
Plastic Waste Recycling
Plastics 101
We Can Recycle Plastics (Video)


Historical Fiction

Info Trac Junior (from school)
Library of Congress


eThemes: Countries
CIA World Factbook
Lonely Planet


Industrial Revolution
French Revolution
Scientific Revolution
American Revolution


Fact Monster - Mythology
Odyssey Online: Greece
Windows to the Universe: Mythology
WebQuest Odyssey

iPads for Nonfiction Reading

iPads and Nonfiction

Geologic History

What Triggers Mass Extinction?
Mass Extinction
How Extinction Works
Mass Extinction (PBS)
Earth's Major Extinctions
History of Life on Earth

Black History Month

Timeline of African American History
Culture and Change
Scholastic Articles on African American History
Photos a Civil Rights Movement
Famous African Americans


Occupational Outlook Handbook
Occupation Profiles
Career One Stop
New and Emerging Occupations
Fastest Growing Occupations
Career Cruising

Oceans and Climate

A Census of the Ocean
Latitude and Longitude of a Point
Ocean and Climate

Women's History Month

Everything You Need
Women's History Collection
My Hero
Women's History Time
Blackbeard Pirate at Sea Ten Facts

Turning Points in History

Michigan eLibrary Databases

Road to the Civil War

Practice Test From Textbook
A Challenging Multiple Choice Test
A Challenging Matching Test
An Easy 10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz
An Interesting Web Page That Offers Specific Quizzes on Topics Such as Abolitionists, the Compromises of 1820 and 1850 and Bleeding Kansas
Interactive Guide to the Civil War (This is a Preview of Where We are Headed)

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