Health, Conflict Resolution, Speech and Drama


Health - Grade 6 

Course Description: The study of the human body systems and that which relates to them. (Mi Model) (Teen Health by Glencoe, course 1) Topics include: Hygiene, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs, Safety, Personal Health and Wellness.

Conflict Resolution - Grade 7

Course Description: (Health 2) Focuses on Social and Emotional Health.
(Mi Model) (Teen Health by Glencoe)(Bullying in Schools-what you need to know by: Paul Langan)
Empathy & Communication, Bully Prevention, Understanding Emotions and dealing with Anger and Stress, Substance Abuse, Decision making, peer pressure, Sexting and the Law, Sexual Harassment and Laws, Reproductive Health, and HIV/AIDS.

Speech & Drama - Grade 8

Course Description: Public Speaking made easy through a variety of presentations (speeches, stories), Children’s Theater (picture book reads and puppetry), Creative Drama Presentations (skits, improvisation, interpretive reads, dramatic readings). Objectives: acceptance, imagination, creativity, interaction and focus.