Staff Contacts

Main Office: (989) 662-4489

To contact an employee below by phone, please dial the Main Office phone number listed above and, when prompted, enter the employee’s extension (the four digit number next to their name). Click on a staff member's name to email them directly.

6th Grade Teachers

Mike Ueberroth:  Math (6253)

Allison VanDriessche:  Science (6159)          Mrs. VanDriessche's Website

Carmelita Chipman:  Social Studies (6158)

Greg Martin:  English Language Arts (6165)

Rick MacGregor:  Math (6255)

Debra Almanza:  Science (6192)

Sean Mika:  Social Studies (6156)

Jeff Dillon:  English Language Arts (6166)

Jennifer Verellen:  Math(6262)

Kim Arsenault:  English Language Arts/Social Studies (6157)     Mrs. Arsenault's Website

7th Grade Teachers

Kelly Miller:  Math (6269)

Sue Martin:  English Language Arts (6163)

Mike Rohde:  Social Studies (6151)

JoAnn Sienko:  Science (6265)

Michelle Micsak:  Math (6251)

Nate Walters:  English Language Arts (6167)

Paul Wilson: Science (6256)  Mr. Wilson's Website

Sue Cooley:  English Language Arts (6148)

Danielle Niergarth:  Math/Science (6267)

Lisa Manwell:  Science (6193)

8th Grade Teachers

Ryan Sagady:  Science  (6268)

Kyle Jean:  Social Studies (6152)

Charles Lalonde:  Math  (6269)

Bill Laures:  History (6155)

Darci Merrilat:  Science (6169)

Todd Tacey:  English Language Arts (6162)

Erin Czerwinski:  English Language Arts (6168)

Tim Walker:  History (6153)

Angela Young:  English Language Arts (6161)

Jeanna Wozniak:  Math (6292)

Special Education Teachers

Kerri Johnson: (6240)

Aimee Loiselle:  (6240)

Sandy Raffa:  (6244)

Connie Schmidt:  (6240)

Special Education TC

Kari McCullough: (6210)

Exploratory Teachers (Arts/Technology/Foreign Language/Physical Education)

Brenda Amthor: (Bascom)  Health, Conflict Resolution, Speech/Drama (6175)

Diane Brown:  Art (6178)

Tom Olson:  Physical Education (6441)

Heidi Schlosser:  6th/7th/8th Grade Bands (6195)

Nancy Seitz:  French & Spanish (6243)

Debbie Groke:  Computers (6290)

 Gladys Lerner: Spanish (6230)

Craig Heydenburg:  6th Grade Band (6186)

Lora Keenan:  Vocal Music/Choir(6185)

Angela Clark:  Spanish (6231)


Amy Bailey:  Principal (6322)

Brad Pennell:  Assistant Principal (6324)

Rodney Woods: Assistant Principal (6437)

Athletic Director

Mike Toyzan:  (671-3815) Ext. 7416


Lori Baillargeon:  (6327)

Deb Arnst:  (6328)

Curriculum Coach

Lori France:  (6150)


Greg Glowicki:  (6466)

Food Service

Debra Schmidt:  (6448)


Gary Preston (6438)

Office Support

Chaunta Ford:  Middle School Main Office (6323)

Donna Tiede:  Middle School Main Office (6336)

Rose Longuski:  Middle School Attendance Office (6326)